Sometimes I wonder if I really am as offensive as everyone else thinks I am. I’m very, very opinionated but I also like to think that I am one of the most open-minded individuals anyone could meet. It’s all about just thinking (and sticking to it) that people are just people. Everyone has different tastes and more than likely, their tastes and hobbies and personality are like something you may have never seen or will see again. By being accepting of everything that’s different than what you may be used to, opens so many more doors than being close-minded and swinging in the same circles for long periods of time. You learn so much more and I personally believe that through life experience, knowledge that far surpasses anything taught in school or in a book can be attained. Intelligence is a quality that every person longs for and searches for their entire lives. But I digress (as I most often do), yesterday was idiot day and I didn’t get the memo.

– A Passing Customer, after observing me reading a book: “You couldn’t pay me to read! Why you doing that girl?”
– Me, after raising an eyebrow and looking up very, very confused and sort of insulted
: “Knowledge is power? I don’t know, I like to read.”
– The customer, now giving me a funny look like I’m the crazy one: “Why not watch a movie? They got the pictures there!”
Me, disappointed and very sad: “I watch movies, I just like to read much more.”
The customer, with the most disgusted look on her face ever and now walking away, turns to her friend: “Damn girl, she thinks she better than me.”

And I just went back to reading.