East Point, NJ Wednesday, Feb 22 2006 


Summer 2005 Wednesday, Feb 22 2006 

In the Basement Tuesday, Feb 21 2006 

Vacation Countdown: 8 days! Monday, Feb 20 2006 

In 8 days, I’m leaving the “fabulous” state of New Jersey and heading down south a bit to Virginia — somewhere really close to North Carolina. For five days I’ll be away from family, work, and most of my friends. My dear comrade Debi & I are the travellers and everyone has to stay here. Now, the trip does have a purpose, a couple actually. Debi’s “cool” sister lives there, so we’re visiting and all that, and, Debi and I are photography enthusiasts, so you know what that means. Goodbye New Jersey flatness, hello mountainous Virginia!

I do have a few very generalized fears though. I briefly lived in Virginia back in 2004 (March – June, basically) and when I moved out of the house I was sharing (with 2 other women, slash wrists … NOW) we didn’t exactly part on the best of terms (oh really now!). Most roommate situations end badly though, I suppose. Then again, I’ve only witnessed roommates parting on good terms, except on the ol’ idiot box of course. But I digress, now, where we’re going to be in Virginia is not really at all close to where I used to live, but still. We still have to take some of the same general highways and I may just get a little brave and crave some of the delicious vegan food served at this quaint little restaurant I used to live 3 minutes away from. Shut up, everyone loves and run-on sentence.

I suppose I’m just looking far to into things. I still can’t get over the fact that my boss actually let me take off 6 whole days. However, my hours over the next 8 days seem to be much lower than normal.