Ahem, well, I suppose this is it. The dreaded first post. I’m really excited about this and I want to make a nice first impression. I’ve had a “members only” kind of journal for quite sometime and I feel that joining wordpress.com and those interesting blogs I’ve seen so far – Musings of a Postmodern Negro, Legal Pad, and Colin D. Devroe – is really going to break me of my fears of speaking out.

I suppose you could just call this half Alzheimer’s insurance and half dirty, dirty brain vomit. Yes, exactly.

Okay, so can someone please tell me why Sylvester Stallone and Keith Carradine are being wiretapped by the former lawyer of Micheal Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor? I hope it’s something really juicy like selling illegal steroids or something unexpected, like there were no steroids involved at all. Or perhaps one day this Anthony Pellicano decided that he was really bored one day and decided to take his strange hobby of wiretapping to the next level. Instead of tapping his mother’s house, as I suspect he must, he decided to tap a former client, Stallone and “whoopsie” found out some interesting things, like Keith Carradine’s home telephone number. Yes, I’m sure that’s it, Pellicano was just looking for something new to do one day. Or at least, that’s how the initial thought popped into his head. The racketeering, interception of electronic communications and other offenses just sort of came into play by chance.

I like to think that every calculated plan a person makes is determined by a thought in his/her brain to simply “do something new today” and all the other emotions and feelings and opinions and intentions just fall into place as necessary. Or maybe I’m just the only one who finds Sylvester Stallone being wiretapped amusing. Especially since it was by some ex-lawyer of his and not the government. But then again, why would the government need to tap Stallone? One can only wonder.