Well, let’s just say that I am a regular barrel of laughs. I tend to write a lot (and at essay length occasionally), so, why not let “the world” in on it? Oh and by the way, I’m 20 years old (a Libra my friends) and of the female kind.

“My fingers feel mostly broken, but I’ll go on weaving this tangled web.”

I reside in southern New Jersey, and have most of my life. It’s a boring little town with nothing to do but sit in a diner for hours on end. I used to do that and now I’m rather turned off by the scene. In my spare time (i.e. aside from my menial job) I like to pretend I am a photographer, a talented writer & comedian, basically, I fancy myself to have a varied sense of art and fashion.

“Get out of this city if it hurts. You’re too blind, move it over, try to get closer to the lifestyles of gluttons. Seem so seamless & perfect. I’ve been the secret you’ve been keeping.”

I’m a huge fan of music, of most sorts, and pride myself to be a bit of a music nerd. Some of my favorites include (but aren’t limited to) Glassjaw, Iron & Wine, Jeff Buckley, Hot Chip, Fitzgerald, The Anniversary, Denali, The Primadonnas, Le Tigre, The Damnwells, The Drive-By Truckers, At the Drive-In, Dredg, Kent, The Notwist, Yo La Tengo, Wilco, Ween, and Songs: Ohia. I’m figuring on sharing some (fully legal, of course) music on this blog and when I do, if it (a) hurts your feelings (b) infringes on any copyrights (and etc) please notify immediately and I will remove the link (poste haste!).

“My body won’t tell my mind what I’ve been thinking before it’s out of my mouth.”

Like most of the world these days, I’m fascinated with current events, politics (I’m registered as a third party liberal, thankyouverymuch), religion, and celebrity gossip.

“Mind tricks the body; body thinks the mind is crazy.”

I suppose what you can expect to see from me is (a) a lot of nonsensical, nonsequential rambling (b) articles and essays that I’m adding [daily or something] to my writing portfolio (c) excerpts from my upcoming projects [as of Nov 2005 I started writing my first novel; as of Aug 2005 I joined up with 2 friends to start a magazine] (d) over-zealous rants (e) basically, everything you would expect to see in a blog.

“Sweeter than a drop of blood on a sugarcube.”

Thanks for stopping by!

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profligacy.livejournal.com – This is my friends only livejournal. I tend to get a little more candid, so beforewarned, I’m very picky with my friends list … oh, do I sound egotistical or what? Anyway, I suppose it doesn’t matter, feel free to add me.

last.fm/milligramme – This is my audioscrobbler/last.fm account. See what I have been listening to! Amazing, I know (cough, cough, sarcasm, cough).

flickr.com/ohokaydear – Oh goodness, it’s a flickr account. How unexpected!

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