I’m unnaturally exhausted. Today is Saturday and finally, I do not have to go to work. It has been months since I have had a Saturday night off (even if I still have to open the store tomorrow morning; sleep is for the WEAK) and I am determined to enjoy it. I’m just glad that I get to clean the ages of dust around the house.

Usually when people I know try to set me up on a date and they say “Oh Elaine, you’re going to ‘loooove’ him blah blah blah he’s tall, has long hair, etc” and I sit back and think about the last time someone said that to me and the dude was tall & had long hair, only, it was unwashed and he had a really awful BO problem. Not to mention the fact that his teeth were DEFINITELY unpresentable. Ew, I still get the willies from that one.

Today I’ve decided that the word of the day is “mundane”. Cheers!

CNN likes to report deaths! Estimated death toll: 1,815
1,800 feared dead in mudslide
Four killed, thousands without power in winter storm
In Libya, 11 reportedly die in cartoon protests

Death, elsewhere
Crews in African crash accounted for; no word on survivors (source: USA Today)

Do four articles constitute as a lot of death in the news? I think so, that’s why I’m going to wear black today.