This is the continuation of a previous entry where I get a tiny bit belittling and slightly belligerent to my overwhelmingly Republican family. It all started when I got a letter published in my local newspaper (woo-hoo). My cousin Carmine came across it and decided to email answers to my 10 Questions to my grandmother. She in turn emailed it to me and although my cousin Carmine had some very good points, I still think there’s a little more to it than that. So, I decided to compose a few responses to his responses (am I confusing you yet?) and bing, bang, boom, long story short, I’m awesomely witty & brilliant and my family can’t handle it. No, really, out of a huge family with excessive breeding tendencies, I’m one of 3 liberals floating among a sea of tightly clenched-cheeked Republicans. Can you just imagine the family gatherings?

And once again, his responses are italicized.

Why, in your first year in office, did you add billions of dollars to the deficit, which was greatly reduced under former President Bill Clinton?

Check the figures, especially check them after he was in office for less than nine months to September 11, 2001. Other than Pearl Harbor there has been no single life changing event as far reaching as 9/11. If one were to somehow extract the costs associated with the response to 9/11 (even prior to the war in Iraq) it would be interesting to see how the federal budget would have fared. Look back at the political pages of the news papers in August and September of 2000. There is a famous political cartoon which shows two prize fighters in the ring, They are depicted as George Bush and Al Gore and waiting outside the ring is a much larger, dark hooded boxer and on the back of his robe, it read “The Economy”, the implication meaning that after this fight the economy was next.

An all out war for the economy broke out in 2000 when Dubya & Gore went head-to-head for the Presidency. The nation watched in awe as it happened — I know I was glued to CNN as much in 2000 (when I wasn’t even legal to vote yet) as much as I was in 2004 when Kerry almost had it and then “oh well, I give up!”. I knew Kerry wouldn’t win before I even made my trip to the polls that day, but I had to have a little hope that the nation would Carter out Dubya. But alas, my faith in humanity dwindled away when Bush took office for a second term. And we were so close. Now, I would not have interpreted the political cartoon you’re talking about the same way. Is that because of our political differences? Or perhaps the age difference? Or is it because everyones’ opinion is different, even if they agree on the same topic? I think it’s a little bit of both, I would see such a cartoon and say that it was merely a representation of the bitter “battle” it was for both Dubya & Gore. The economy is bound to suffer a little bit after every President is shuffled out and a new one ushered in. That’s an adjustment process, but, how do you explain the massive depression to the national budget even before the 9/11 attacks? One may often neglect the almost 8 month period between Bush taking office in January 2001 and the attacks on September 11.

It has been reported that the government has borrowed $1.7 trillion from the Social Security trust fund. What has this money been used for and how will it affect my [future] Social Security benefits?

Money was also borrowed from the trust fund during the Clinton Administration in that the excess FICA taxes generated to put in the Social security trust fund where set against the budget deficit there by showing a surplus. This has been done for many administrations. Social security was never meant to be the sole support of one retirement. Unfortunately it has been a political football for a generation now. We are wise to save for our own retirement as well as choose employers who contributed to retirement funds (like 401ks) that are managed by the employee.

Touche. I am aware of past administrations borrowing against the Social Security trust fund and though it is wise for one to not rely soley on Social Security and to have a solid self-earned retirement fund, many Americans just aren’t that smart. But even then, is it really a matter of smarts? Not everyone has a benefit of a 401k or even the means to save for retirement. Not everyone has a bank account. It’s true that some Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and when they age and become eligible for Social Security, they might not have anything else to fall back on. What about them? Isn’t this just another example of the rich “triumphing” over the poor?

Do you have any comments for those who adamantly oppose your term in office?

In a democracy the manner to get another point of view is by the vote. The democrats have not been able to put a candidate in front of the American people who can convince them that they have a better idea. Given the wide shift in political opinion, that will probably change in the next election. However, is Hillary the best the democrats can come up with?

Why should I have to wait every four years for one single day to make a difference in the way I, as an American citizen, to get another point of view — a second opinion, if you will? This office has been so secretive and so insistent on turning a deaf ear to the people they were chosen to represent. This office has been so dead-set on it’s own agenda rather than dealing with the at-hand problems. Unfortunately, Democrats have been guilty of this in the past as well. And besides the fact that I’m not a Democrat at all, I’m not rooting for Hillary. Sure, she may have been “the woman behind the man” per se, but I don’t think she’ll have a chance in hell. The feminist-action part of me wants to be screaming “YESSSS! GO HILLARY, KICK THEM IN THE NUTS!” but I like to think of myself as more of a realist. I personally believe that there will not be a woman in the Presidency until woman are truly treated as equals amongst men.

Mr. President, have you ever heard the phrase, “the love of money is the root of all evil?” Or, “absolute power corrupts absolutely?”

I would love to ask that question of our former president as well. I don’t disagree with the point, it is pervasive through many part our society.

Honestly, I would love to ask every President that question.

How has your father, former President George H.W. Bush, influenced your positions on issues?

I think there are similarities in their views just like their were similarities in the views of John Kennedy and his father. There are examples of that throughout history. I do not think having similar views as his father is necessarily a bad thing unless of course if you disagree with both of them. Just like I would like to know what are the similar view of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Besides being a lawyer and married to Bill what makes her a viable candidate for president?

Being that I’m neither Republican or Democrat, I must say, I tend to disagree with most points that HW, Dubya, and Hillary make. Still, I do believe that Hillary would make any Republican look awful in comparison because I sincerely think that she was “the woman behind the man”. The kind of vibe I got from Clinton was that he was more interested in the benefits of his term in office than in actually running the country. That was his downfall and also the reason he was elected in the first place. He was just a regular guy. The same has been said about Dubya, but I think that’s a little off. He reminds me of just some dumb rich boy who fell into daddy’s shoes because he felt he had to. He had always been an average student (more like a C student) and was pretty much handed everything to him because of his father, the big shot Texan oil tycoon. The future of the Beverly Hillbillies, had Jethro stayed in the south.

What were your true intentions in imposing a war on the people of Iraq? Were they of your own accord or the unfinished business of your father?

The tyranny of Saddam Hussein spanned several decades >> Thousands of people in Iraq lost their lives and their freedom during his reign. Most importantly he provided safe harbor for those who would cause harm to our country and those of similar views. Is the world a safer place without Saddam Hussein in power? Certainly no exchange for the loss of human lives but how many would have been lost without the terrorist harbored in that region and his reign over Iraq.

Dictatorship = Tyranny. Yes, the terrorists that Hussein harbored in Iraq could have posed a threat to our great country, but, they only could have. We stopped em good didn’t we? Went after them without solid evidence, didn’t we? We sure know how to bag our criminals. Isn’t it kind of funny now that Iran is the one closer to a nuclear weapon and North Korea has already gone and threatened us with a nuclear attack? Yet, Iraq, who turned out to merely have a leader full of himself & all talk, we go charging into, making Iraq a police state. It’s now an entire country with their religion being bastardized, the way of life their used to and not really too much opposed to now in crumbles. We didn’t give them freedom, we’re trying to force the people of Iraq to become America. Is that what they want? Or is it something that Dubya had to finish for senior because HW didn’t get the chance at a second term?