10 Legitimate questions I would ask the President if given the opportunity:

(1) Mr. President, given the infamous & synonymous bond between Texas and the death penalty, and that you were once the governor of Texas, how do you feel now that most states are doing away with the death penalty? Also, how do you feel about the fact that America is the last socially considered “civilized” country, in the entire world, that has yet to abolish the death penalty completely?
(2) Mr. President, what is your definition of the phrase “separation of church and state”? With the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, does that not knock out the proper definition of “separation of church and state” (exactly that, separate, the government should have no control over a persons undeniable right to freedom of religion) by the government giving money to faith-based organizations?
(3) Mr. President, do you have a response to those certain journalists in America who have said, due to the upcoming Senate hearings on allegations of illegal wiretapping, that you are this generation’s Nixon?
(4) Mr. President, what is the current relationship between your office and the Fox Broadcasting Company?
(5) Mr. President, why, in your first year of office, did you spend well over 5 trillion dollars of the deficit – a deficit, I might add, that would not have existed if it weren’t for the Democratic representation of former President Bill Clinton – leaving the countries budget at a mere one trillion dollars? With that said, can you explain why the conflict in Iraq cost over one trillion dollars?
(6) Mr. President, it has been reported that the government has borrowed 1.7 trillion dollars from the social security trust fund, what has this money been used for? How will it affect my social security when I’m eligible? I feel there is not enough information for me to fully understand what exactly is going to be done with social security. What if I do not want the government to have control of the money that I have worked so hard for?
(7) Mr. President, do you have any comments to those who feverently oppose your term in office?
(8) Mr. President, have you ever heard the phrase “Money is the root of all evil”? Or, “Absolute power is absolute corruption”?
(9) Mr. President, how has your father, former President George Bush, influence your current position?
(10) And last, but surely not least, Mr. President, what were your true intentions for imposing a war on the people of Iraq? Were they that of your own accord or “unfinished business” of your father’s?